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Antivirus Protection Internet facility has jumped into a radical ending now a days. Every single thing is related to internet. Everyone needs internet at some time or other. Every life is likely through internet usage. Whether is for payment of bills, booking tickets, purchasing gadgets, clothes, accessories etc is possible through the internet nowadays. Genuineness of each and every site can be known only when one enters the website. This increases the chances that one’s computer will be attacked by virus. This makes the internet security very essential. Computers or other devices must have proper internet security to protect it. The various websites are coming in front of us every day. We are downloading various things from the Internet. This whole process is making our device more susceptible. It is the need of the hour that we guard these devices of our own. For that we need to know about the type of viruses that can cause problem while visiting those pages. Some viruses can cause little danger while some infectious viruses can destroy the document files completely.